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Dog Training

Heavenly Dog's mission is to provide the best quality of dog training based on you and your dog's individual needs. We focus on basic obedience as well as manners, working in your home, or in our shop, as well as in more distractive, public areas. It is our goal to ensure that your dog behaves in all settings. A well behaved dog is invited to more outings, thus providing them a fulfilled, entertaining life. We believe that traing your dog will strengthen the relationship between the two of you. In order to provide you the highest level of training, we concentrate on private schooling.

Private lessons are perfect for owners who prefer to learn right along with their dog. Sessions are held at the owner's location in the beginning, then in more distractive environments for the last sessions to ensure your dog understands and listens to his/her commands even when there are other noises and animals around. This course focuses on basic commands (Name, No, Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Place). This is a five week course, meeting approximately once a week, or what works with both our schedules.

Pooch Boot Camp
Our Pooch Boot Camp is a program where your dog will be in our care in our homes and at our shop for 3 weeks (21days), while we first get to know him/her and earn each others trust and respect. As we do this, we also implement training based on your dogs needs, abilities, and your wants. While your dog is learning he/she is also enjoying our home, yard, and dog(s), during the day. While at the shop your dog will be exposed to the world of grooming and self wash, as well as get to visit other dog friendly shops on the block and become accustom to walking on busy sidewalks. Some of the training we focus on are the following commands: Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, and Wait. We also focus on manners and behaviors such as jumping on guests, potty training, and play biting. You get to experience your dogs journey through videos provided on an every other day basis which show your dogs development not only in his/her lessons, but we also send fun photos of him/her joining us for brunch, or playing with our dogs. The videos also teach you how to hold your posture, hand signal, explain why we are doing what we are doing, etc, and are a great tool to save and look back on when your dog returns home. We take a small amount of dogs at a time in order to give ample time to focus on YOUR dog. This program includes three follow up sessions so our trainers can train you on what your dog learned and how to continue moving forward.

Dog Sitting and Refresher Course
We will take your dog into our home and shop while you are on vacation, etc. During your dog's stay, we will provide reinforcement training. In order to be eligible for boarding your dog must have either graduated, or be enrolled in one of our courses.

Day Training
This is a great additive to a pooch that is enrolled in one of our programs and needs a little extra help, or just wants to spend the day at the shop. Your pup will receive a minimum of two training sessions, constant manners reinforcement, and distractive sessions around the block. This is a great way to socialize your pup and get it used to new environments!

Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Thursday:
      12:00 - 6:00
Friday - Sunday:
      10:00 - 4:00
Last bath is 1/2 hour before close
2224 East Tennessee Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80209

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